Tsukuba Research Center for Interdisciplinary Materials Science

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Tsukuba Research Center for Interdisciplinary Materials Science (TIMS) was established in the University of Tsukuba in April 2003 upon the achievements of Dr. Hideki Shirakawa, an emeritus professor of this university (Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2000). The aim of TIMS is to create future-oriented functional materials and to construct innovations for cross-disciplinary research on materials science through collaboration and integration of engineering and science. Recently our research objective has been focused on developing energy and environment-friendly materials. We are also intensively pursuing collaborative researches combined with different scientific fields to promote TIMS to a core center of materials science in Tsukuba Science City.

What’s New

Aug. 3, 2017 Seminar on Supramolecular Chemistry: Prof. Wim Dehaen (Belgium) NEW
TGSW2017(Sep. 25, 2017 – Sep. 27, 2017)
Summer Open Festival 2017 for Nano-green Course at TIA Graduate School
The 17th Symposium on Functional Molecules
(2017 Oae Symposium)
TIMS Seminar :Prof. Christoph A. Schalley(Freie Universität Berlin)
2017 TIMS-CENIDE-NTHU Joint Symposium on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Workshops of CiRfSE and Pre-Strategic Initiatives)
3rd CiRfSE Workshop and 3rd Steering Committee Meeting (in Japanese)
TIMS Seminar (Dec. 21) Prof. Masahito Kodera (Doshisha University)
Material Science Seminar (Nov. 22, 2016): Prof. Dr. Malte Behrens (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany )
Material Science Seminar (Nov. 24, 2016): Professor Dr. Aart W. Kleijn(CIDS)
Workshop on Advanced Structural Study using SPring-8 (Nov. 19, 2016)
Material Science Seminar (Nov.16, 2016): Dr. H. Nakano, (Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc., Senior Fellow)
TIMS Annual Report 2015 (in Japanese) was released.
TGSW2016 (Sep. 17 , 2016 – Sep. 19, 2016)
TIMS Seminar (Aug. 25) Dr, John S Fossey (Univ. of Birmingham)
Summer Open Festival 2016 for Nano-green Course at TIA Graduate School
TIMS Research Exchange Promotion Workshop 2016
Kick-off Symposium for Synchrotron Radiation Materials Science Course
Prof. Junji Nakamura became a Fellow of the Surface Science Society of Japan.
2nd CiRfSE Workshop : Session 3 Research Core for Developing Energy and Environment-friendly Materials

Research Field

Frontier Materials Creation

  • Hybrid Materials Core
  • Core of Nano Structure and Material Physics
  • Quantum Material Core

Functional Assembled Systems

  • Molecules and Materials Transformation Core
  • Functional Correlated Materials Core
  • Functional Polymer Research Core

Nano-Green Functions

  • Functional Carbon Core
  • Energy Conversion Core
  • Molecular Optical Function Core