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Molecular Designing of Materials Division

The mission of Molecular designing of materials division is to create energy and environment materials based on chemical reactions such as catalytic reactions, organic reactions, and polymerizations. The target materials are non-Pt fuel cell electro-catalysts, catalysts converting CO2 into useful chemicals, organic film solar cells and organic electro-luminescence devices prepared by environmentally friendly synthesis, plastics and rubbers produced from algae oils, laser devices and micro resonator made of organic compounds, and so on. We concentrate on basic studies for the innovation of the energy and environment materials, which are difficult to perform in industries. Our characteristic research approaches are directed to electronic/atomic level studies of material functions and reaction mechanism using cutting edge synchrotron facilities, scanning probe microscopes, first-principles calculations, while the basic understanding is directly connected to design and synthesis of materials. The division is thus composed of multidisciplinary research fields such as physical chemistry, solid state physics, electrochemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, catalytic chemistry, synchrotron science, and carbon material science. Towards industrialization from our basic seeds, the division will build an innovation base by collaborative networks with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Algae Biomass and Energy System R&D Center, and companies.

Energy Materials Science Division

The aims of the division of the energy material science are (1) promotion of the energy material science and (2) realization of energy innovation. The energy material science is the scientific comprehension of the energy phenomena, such as photo-electric, thermo-electric, material-material conversions, energy storage, and so on. For this purpose, we will perform a precise experiment and calculation on the most prototypical or ideal materials with combination of device fabrication of fundamental science, synchrotron-radiation X-ray, nano-probes, and ab initio calculation. We believe that we need to microscopically comprehend the energy phenomena to realize the energy innovation. We proposed and are developing a battery-type thermocell, which is a hybrid device between the ion secondary battery and thermoelectric device.

Electric Energy Control Division

Based on research and development activities of University of Tsukuba and Tsukuba Innovation Arena (TIA); technologies for the fabrication of semiconductor materials, circuit design, and material characterization technologies, we contribute the development of "energy control technology". To achieve this mission, we develop ultra-low loss energy devices systems using power electronics materials and circuits. To use 'converted' and 'stored' energy, it is necessary to use an electric energy, here the power electronics is a key to manipulate it. The energy loss in the conversion and storing of the energy, however, are serious issue, and it is often a major factor determining the overall system efficiency. An effective utilization of the energy control is not only limited by the physical property of the materials, but also depends on matching with the overall system, i.e., it depends on a device structure and a system configuration. The energy control division will advance research and development of SiC power devices that exceeds Si power devices. In addition, we undertake research on diamond-based power electronics and aim to realize the ultimate energy control suing diamond power device by applying knowledge and technology which are used for R&D of the SiC power devices.

Logo mark of TREMS and TIMS

The small circle in the center and the ellipse around the center represent an atom, while the open marks in the central part represent S (Science), the collaboration of 3 fields, and "Kawa (river symbol)", a part of Shirakawa


Director Takaki Kanbara    
Vice Director Eiji Nishibori    
Molecular Designing of Materials Division Takaki Kanbara Professor Materials Science
Takahiro Sasamori Professor, Principal Investigator Chemistry
Yohei Yamamoto Professor Materials Science
Junpei Kuwabara Associate Prof. Materials Science
Takahiro Kondo Associate Prof. Materials Science
Seiya Tsujimura Associate Prof. Materials Science
Takashi Nakamura Assistant Prof. Chemistry
Energy Materials Science Division Eiji Nishibori Professor Physics
Yutaka Moritomo Professor, Principal Investigator Physics
Susumu Okada Professor Physics
Yasuhiro Tokura Professor Physics
Yasuhiro Hatsugai Professor Physics
Hideto Yanagihara Professor Applied Physics
Masaki Hada Associate Prof. Applied Physics
Hidetaka Kasai Assistant Prof. Physics
Wataru Kobayashi Assistant Prof. Physics
Hideharu Niwa Assistant Prof. Physics
Electric Energy Control Division Akira Uedono Professor, Principal Investigator Applied Physics
Noriyuki Iwamuro Professor Applied Physics
Takeaki Sakurai Professor Applied Physics
Masahiro Sasaki Professor Applied Physics
Takanori Isobe Associate Prof. Applied Physics
Takahide Umeda Associate Prof. Applied Physics
Ryu Hasunuma Associate Prof. Applied Physics
Hironori Okumura Assistant Prof. Applied Physics
Research group for integrated fundamental studies Yoshikazu Ito Associate Prof. Applied Physics
Akinobu Kanda Professor Physics
Takashi Suemasu Professor Applied Physics
Kaoru Toko Associate Prof. Applied Physics
Kazuhiro Marumoto Associate Prof. Materials Science
Yasuteru Shigeta Professor Physics
Hiroko Tokoro Professor Materials Science
Jun Fujioka Associate Prof. Materials Science
Kotaro Takeyasu Assistant Prof. Materials Science
Hiroshi Yamagishi Assistant Prof. Materials Science
Hiroshi Yano Associate Prof. Applied Physics
Traore Aboulaye Assistant Prof. Applied Physics
Takahiko Kojima Professor Chemistry
Takaaki Ishibashi Professor Chemistry
Yusuke Chiba Assistant Prof. Chemistry
Mafumi Hishida Assistant Prof. Chemistry
Atsuya Momotake Associate Prof. Chemistry
Shogo Morisako Assistant Prof. Chemistry
Yasuo Norikane Research Group Leader National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Minoru Otani Professor Center for Computational Sciences
Kenta Amemiya Professor KEK
Specially Appointed Professor Tatsuya Nabeshima TREMS
Clerical Staff Keiichi Ota Chief Academic Service Office for the Pure and Applied Sciences Area
Ai Morimoto Part-time staff TREMS

Past Director

Past Director of TREMS

Prof. Tatsuya Nabeshima October, 2017 – March, 2019
Prof. Takaki Kanbara April,2019 –

Past Director of TIMS

Prof. Kazuo Akagi April, 2003 – January, 2006
Prof. Youiti Ootuka February, 2006 – March, 2010
Prof. Tatsuya Nabeshima April, 2010 – March, 2013
Prof. Junji Nakamura April, 2013 – March, 2015
Prof. Tatsuya Nabeshima April, 2015 – September, 2017

Past Coordinator of CiRfES(Research Core for Developing Energy and Environment-friendly Materials)

Prof. Tatsuya Nabeshima September, 2014- September, 2017