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Energy harvesting Division

The Energy Harvesting Division will establish innovative energy harvesting materials, and technologies that will contribute to realizing the SDGs and building an IoT society. Energy harvesting refers to obtaining easy-to-use electrical energy from familiar energy sources such as heat, vibration/rotation, light, biological substances, etc. The Energy harvesting Division aims to propose new energy harvesting methods by exploring the principles of energy harvesting and improving its performance, proposing and demonstrating related technologies, and promoting the exploration and development of related materials.

Photoenergy Conversion Division

The Photoenergy Conversion Division conducts research on the development of materials and film fabrication methods for mobile solar cells, research on practical solar cell materials, and material development aimed at elucidating the mechanism of artificial photosynthesis. Through these studies, we aim to develop wearable/flexible photovoltaic battery devices.

Electric Energy Control Division

The Electrical Energy Control Division integrates materials research and device research for SiC power devices, as well as circuit design research, and conducts research that is directly linked to practical application. We will conduct material research, device fabrication, and circuit design for ultra-wide bandgap devices (Ga2O3, AlN) to anticipate future device technology. In close collaboration with AIST and NIMS, we conduct power device research from theoretically based material development to device fabrication and circuit design. Through these studies, we will conduct research covering the development of power devices from materials to circuits.

Molecular Designing of Materials Division

The Molecular Designing of Materials Division makes full use of chemical principles such as catalytic reactions, organic chemistry, and organic elemental chemistry to create environmentally friendly and energy materials. We will build an academic foundation by focusing on basic research that cannot be carried out by companies in the development of environmental and energy materials that are highly needed by society. By studying material functions and mechanisms of action at the atomic and electronic levels, we aim to enable material design and creation that appropriately and quickly responds to the needs of society.

Sub-nanoscale structure evaluation of Division

The Sub-nanoscale structure evaluation of Division promotes cutting-edge measurement research to evaluate the atomic and electronic scale structures of devices. In addition to advancing the unique measurement methods in which the University of Tsukuba has strengths, such as advanced synchrotron radiation, positron annihilation, electron spin resonance for devices, and time-resolved electron diffraction, we will also advance research on the application of these methods to energy devices.

Integrated Fundamental Study Division

The Integrated Fundamental Study Division develops unique basic research such as functional material design through self-assembly and supramolecular chemistry. In addition, we will also promote basic research that has high societal needs, such as understanding catalytic reactions through surface science. We aim to create new fields through collaboration with researchers from other divisions.

Logo mark of TREMS and TIMS

The small circle in the center and the ellipse around the center represent an atom, while the open marks in the central part represent S (Science), the collaboration of 3 fields, and "Kawa (river symbol)", a part of Shirakawa


Director Eiji Nishibori Professor  
Energy harvesting Division Yutaka Moritomo Professor,
Principal Investigator
Masayuki Nihei Professor Chemistry
Hideto Yanagihara Professor Materials Science
Seiya Tsujimaru Associate Prof. Materials Science
Hideharu Niwa Assistant Prof. Physics
Photoenergy Conversion Division Takashi Suemasu Professor,
Principal Investigator
Materials Science
Takeaki sakurai Professor Materials Science
Hiroko Tokoro Professor Materials Science
Takahide Umeda Associate Prof. Materials Science
Kaoru Toko Associate Prof. Materials Science
Electric Energy Control Noriyuki Iwamuro Professor,
Principal Investigator
Materials Science
Takanori Isobe Associate Prof. Materials Science
Ryu Hasunuma Associate Prof. Materials Science
Hiroshi Yano Associate Prof. Materials Science
Hironori Okumura Assistant Prof. Materials Science
Molecular Designing of Materials Division Takahiro Sasamori Professor,
Principal Investigator
Susumu Okada Professor Physics
Takahiro Kondo Professor Materials Science
Tomoya Ishizuka Associate Prof. Chemistry
Sub-nanoscale structure evaluation of Division Eiji Nishibori Professor,
Principal Investigator
Akira Uedono Professor Materials Science
Kazuhiro Marumoto Professor Materials Science
Masaki Hada Associate Prof. Materials Science
Hidetaka Kasai Assistant Prof. Physics
Integrated Fundamental Study Division Yohei Yamamoto Professor,
Principal Investigator
Materials Science
Junpei Kuwabara Associate Prof. Materials Science
Kotaro Takeyasu Assistant Prof. Materials Science
Takashi Nakamura Assistant Prof. Chemistry
Research group for cooperative integration Takaki Kanbara Professor Materials Science
Yasuhiro Hatsugai Professor Physics
Yasuhiro Tokura Professor Physics
Masahiro Sasaki Professor Materials Science
Minoru Otani Professor Center for Computational Sciences
Masayoshi Ishida Professor Physics
Naoya Fukuda Professor Energy・Environmental Studies
Specially Appointed Professor Tatsuya Nabeshima   Division of Physics ・TREMS・Chemistry
Clerical Staff Keiichi Ota Chief Academic Service Office for the Pure and Applied Sciences Area
Ai Morimoto Part-time staff TREMS

Past Director

Past Director of TREMS

Prof. Tatsuya Nabeshima October, 2017 – March, 2019
Prof. Takaki Kanbara April, 2019 – March, 2023
Prof.Eiji Nishibori April, 2023 –

Past Director of TIMS

Prof. Kazuo Akagi April, 2003 – January, 2006
Prof. Youiti Ootuka February, 2006 – March, 2010
Prof. Tatsuya Nabeshima April, 2010 – March, 2013
Prof. Junji Nakamura April, 2013 – March, 2015
Prof. Tatsuya Nabeshima April, 2015 – September, 2017

Past Coordinator of CiRfES(Research Core for Developing Energy and Environment-friendly Materials)

Prof. Tatsuya Nabeshima September, 2014- September, 2017